-Cruelty for entertainment

Probably the most ironic form of cruelty is seen when the animals are utilised for entertainment. No animal would be happy to be in control by force. It should be noted that the animal performing the tricks which we so greatly enjoy but the animals surely does not.

Animals suffer when humans make fun out of it.

To create a living toy for kids, the chicks are coloured in boiling water. Most of them die right there. The remaining of them die later when they are sold to kids as toys. In any case it’s a chicken, and a chicken particularly the broiler is brought in this world to die.

To train the monkey to perform the tricks the baby monkeys are separated from their mothers, are kept hungry, thirsty and are tortured to train them the tricks which children so cheerfully enjoy. Hence, supporting cruelty in the process. The rescue of rehabilitation of these creatures is also a practical issue because of the fact that they become strongly humanised during their stay with their owners.

The bears are also used to perform on roads. The nose which is very sensitive is tagged with a rope and is pulled upwards to make it “dance”.

It’s the indifference of parents to be ignorant and guide their children to enjoy such a cruelty and this is the prime reason this practice prevails and so is true for other cruelties. The tradition and cultural practice do help the sustenance of these cruelties.