In a city like Mumbai, we come across cruelties in day to day lives, not only on animals but also on humans. Thousands of humans suffer and leave in inhumane environment in Indian urban areas. This exposure to suffering has made us all little more insensitive not only towards animals but also towards human pain.

We only want to utilise the services on animals for our benefit but are not concerned when it the time for us to pay back.

The urban environment is increasingly becoming more unethical due to our indifferent attitude. So much so that when this cow – The so called “Mother” in India was hit by vehicle on road and was allowed to be left there and there for other vehicles to pass on.

On average 15 people die in road accidents due to railway accidents, with a few to give a helping hands. What about animals?

Cruelties – No matter big or small does harm animals. A stone thrown at any animal particularly stray could take away its life and give unbearable suffering to the creature till it really dies.

We continuously keep on harming the environment with our interference and indifference. The polythene bags so carelessly thrown along with the food waste stuffed in them, end up in some hungry stray stomach. This gradually becomes the reason for death for many. This is photograph of remains of a cow after 25 days of its death. At times these lumps of plastics have been up to 40 k.g. in weight.