-Our greed of owning (keeping pets)

It's a human habit to own something which they like. At times this greed of owning forgets quite a few ethics.

The young wings rescued from illegal traders demand motherly care. The babies are separated from their mothers so that some one can own them and take pride out it. Just in case they survive.

The plight of these exotic birds is immense pity. These are the generations of the Budgerigars caged several years back. These birds can not survive outside the cage as they can’t find food or friends and are not even aware of dangers. Many a people purchase them and release them when their purpose is over. However they do not care enough for the bird itself. Since being ignorant could also mean being indifferent.

Abandoned pets also suffer greatly. Since many people like their dog but only till they are young and cute. Several are abandoned when they start growing and demanding. “Ganga” a brindle great dane was abandoned after she got severe skin infection and was literally stinking.

The keeping of pet is no where limited by ethics. People who wish to keep pet animals are free to keep pets, without any responsibility, qualification and concern towards the animal. Most of us do not realise that an animal needs special care and has its own requirements as an animal. In real some one having least knowledge of animal behaviour is also free to owning a pet and hence unknowingly causes immense trouble to the animal for which the animal does not have any means to convey.
It seems the wildlife is not really considered a treasure. Irrespective of Wildlife Protection Laws the trade of wild animals continues due to people who support suffering of animals. This happens due to the greed of owning.