Celebrating festivals has a lot to do with not only humans but also with the environment. At times we are so entangled in our enjoyment that we forget the other side of the coin.

It is taught in schools while writing Essays on “Our Festivals” that “During Kite Flying” (Makarsankranti) the sky becomes colourful. In real their is only Red colour for birds. Since the “manja”- thread used for kite flying is razor sharp with glass powder coated on it.

“Hang till death” is the sentence passed on birds. While we enjoy flying kites. Many of them wait for death in fruitless attempts to free themselves. They ultimately die of loss of blood, thirst, starvation and unbearable heat.

A few lucky ones are rescued and given a new lease of life, just in case they are not permanently disabled.

Even the toughest and cleverest of all has no clue against the human enjoyment.

Most of the times the real essence of festivals is lost when we modify the way we celebrate them. For instance crackers are now widely used during “Diwali” which is not only harmful to animals, birds and environment but also to us. These are few examples of suffering caused to animals during “Diwali”- The Festival of Light.

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