-Inhumane treatment

The human and animal relation is inseparable. The way we treat other living forms does determine interrelation among ourselves.

This auto was caring more than 500 chickens, in more than four layers. The driver was almost sitting and stepping on few and was resting his back on some.

This truck is supposed to carry not more than 40 sheep or goats. However, it was carrying 212 sheep and goats, in two compartments. The animals were carried in this miserable condition from Rajasthan to Mumbai, without food and water. When the truck was emptied with the help of Police, 13 of them were found dead. The animas meant for non veg diet have to suffer immensely before they actually reach the plates.

The poor beast lost its first hind limb in a road accident may be due to indifference but it lost the second hind limb all to cold heartedness.

Everyday hundreds on male buffalo calves are left to starve. Since their survival would mean loss to the Dairy industry. These calves are however welcomed at the leather industry.

The birds are trapped and kept in cages. Mere logic and imagination would enable us to realise the plight of birds in cages. “Freedom” is not merely for humans Birds value it too.