-Myths and blind beliefs

Most of the deities in India are somewhere or the other linked with animals. People worship the deities and respect them but do not necessarily protect the animals in real.

Snakes are one of worst victims of Myths and blind beliefs. These mysterious creatures suffer badly due to our lack of scientific knowledge.

The snake charmers benefit themselves with the blind beliefs and unnecessary fear associated to snakes. No snake drinks milk in wild, it’s when they are kept thirsty and hungry for long time that they accept milk, and thereby also cause damage to their alimentary canal.

The crossing of road by a cat is also surprisingly considered bad omen.

Owls at many a places are considered as a bad omen.

Sacrifice of animals due to blind beliefs is common in India. Though illegal the practice continues as even the educated at times get involved in unnecessary killing. This hen was rescued from Andheri (w) area of Mumbai; the hen was left to die on the road side with its limbs tied.

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