-Human greed

The so called development done in various industries has also increased the sufferings for the innocent ones.

Live stocks are nothing but raw material for meat industry and hence suffer pain due to inhumane behaviour. This site is not uncommon in urban areas. It’s on people’s decision to decide whether to support this form of cruelty or not.

Wearing leather is nothing more than taking away skin from some innocent being. Everyday thousands of animals die so that their hides can be removed to satisfy human greed.

When it comes to mass production due to increasing demand and population cruelty is bound to happen. The dairy industry is one such examples of cruelty due to mass production. In any industry what really matters is Profit or Loss. Hence, the not for profit male calves are starved by keeping them a side in animal shelters. The milk meant for this calves hence reaches us.

Using products derived from animals does mean supporting their killing. This is particularly true when we talk about mass production.

Experiments and Testing of Cosmetics and Medicines bring terrible pain to animals. How is it justified that Animals pay the price for the never ending greed of humans. This particular monkey was infected by HIV virus to experiment the cures.